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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 24, 2009, 12:35 PM
Heya guys girls and people in between.

Im gonna go to bavaria with :iconimthearsonist: tomorrow for like a week.
I have my mobile phone with me but for most of you im not gonna be available at all.
were gonna take loads of photos. :)
hopefully the weather stays nice.

im gonna work on some comissions aswell!

gotta go now anyway!
still gotta pack my stuff~

have a nice week. :)


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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 16, 2009, 1:14 PM
Hey guys girls and people in between.

Since i want to buy more copic markers and material for drawing i would like to start being open for commissions.

I havent thought about a price yet, but it would be very kind of you if you could comment this journal with the amount of money you would be willing to pay for a coloured and outlined drawing ! :)

I already have some requests on gaia for gaia gold BUT its sad that you cannot buy material with it ! XD LOL


sooo yeeh. and dont worry i have a paypal account :)


GAIA Avi art for Crazyunderworld ::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: , payed : nearly ! :D
GAIA Avi art for Maxi Lovegood ::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: , payed : nearly ! :D
GAIA Avi art for xGWAR ::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: , payed : nearly ! :D
GAIA Avi art for Hikory ::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: , payed : nearly ! :D
GAIA Avi art for Hotari-chan ::star::star::star::star::star: , payed : yes ! :)
GAIA Avi art for Kurisutaru Pyon ::star::star::star::star::star: , payed : yes ! :)


did i already mention that i love my BOYFRIEND? :D
-> :iconimthearsonist: :) hes THE best! *3*

Have a nice evening !


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Journal Entry: Mon May 11, 2009, 8:12 AM
Heya guys, girls and people in between!

hopefully I finally got out of my uncreative period.
I want to submit more stuff soon.

Well, im gonna do my drivers licence soon I think and I drive my scooter since 2 years nearly every day.
but tbh T think some people have never ever done their licence.
You can really tell when you see them drive.
Like when you indicate left and suddenly some idiot overtakes you?
its really dangerous.

I love to bake.

And I got addicted again to buying copic markers. :llama:
Heres my counter:
:bulletpink:COPIC Marker: 20
:bulletpink:COPIC Sketch: 12
:bulletpink:COPIC Ciao: 53
:bulletpink:COPIC Various Ink: 3
:bulletpink:Copic Multiliner: over 6

....NEW MARKERS SOON ! :psychotic: *_*

my 17th birthday is on the 19th of june. so dont forget to buy a present for me hahahah ! :D

aaaaaaaand Im gonna go to the HURRICANE festival in scheeßel on my birthday. :music:


so have a nice day somehow!



P.S.: and oh, btw heres my proof :… :D haha just to let you know.

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Random News + Friend's Art Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 11, 2009, 12:41 AM
Heya guys, girls and people in between !

I decided to be a little more active on deviantart.
theres not much time left for doodling around or taking photos because i gotta work in the next two weeks, move to a different room, bake another chocolate cake ( :D ) &  be a good girlfriend ( i mean i always am haha ).
but i really try.

im currently working in a company for interior design & architecture. its really interesting, my workmates are friendly and i learn quite a lot, but somehow i feel weird.
and i dunno why.

im hoping for better weather. its crappy atm. snow, rain, wind, dark clouds, misty, snow, rain, wind, dark clouds, misty, snow, rain, wind, dark clouds, misty.  D:
I WANT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D:

but oh wells.
you know what? i think its a shame that my friends' art is really unpopular.
i think they did amazing jobs!

and here iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~s
(i proudly present ! :D )

:thumb98667188: :thumb60231695::thumb97468303::thumb99982875::thumb101003485:

Glitter Drop II by ImTheArsonist Deep Dark Secrets by ImTheArsonist Luzie by ImTheArsonist Light Guardian by ImTheArsonist Nature's Highway Traffic-Jam by ImTheArsonist

Freedom - godsend by RisaSue

Shooting no4 by Ayaka-Itoe Fisheye by Ayaka-Itoe Shooting 3 by Ayaka-Itoe

NATI ( tristans little sister )
Eva Longoria by EmmaMaria :heart: Kati by EmmaMaria:heart:

awesome, arent they`?

feel free to leave them a comment !




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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 6, 2008, 11:36 AM
Hey guys, girls and people in between :D

thanks for taking a look at my art.
i dont care about pageviews. i just care about the people who see what ive made. i like to share my work and i like it when people tell me what they think about it or if they love or hate it.

well, atm im trying to explore something new for me.
more expression - more mood.

i was in bielefeld today.
yoko ono presents her art there until 16th november.
and her pieces really caught my attention.
i really like the way she thinks about things.
when i walked trough the museum i felt a little sick. cuz it was so true. so simple but still interesting.
definately one of the best exhibitions ive ever been to. if you have a chance to take a look at her art, do it. youll definately be impressed.

i started to draw again. nothing special, cuz i need more practice. but i think im going to upload some sketches or unfinished pieces. even if theyre kinda oldish now. my boyfriends always like "WHY DONT YOU UPLOAD THEM? just because YOU dont like them ? well, i do." yeah, maybe i should really do it.

my sisters boyfriend asked me today if i could draw the illustrations for his new book :) i feel really honoured. ive already done the cover.

i hate my journal css atm, but its better than nothing. so please, if you read this and you can handle css properly, PLEASE help me haha :D

i have no idea why, but i had those misterous AMAZING pay-tv music channels yesterday ( tho i dont pay )! :O
like mtv hits, mtv dance, mtv two & vh1. and now they are gone. once ive had them I WANT EM BACK ! D: i think about buying myself those channels ! XD

haha well, i talk too much :)
bye for now !



kati aka chiiyuda

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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2008, 6:51 AM

Hey guys !

Im still alive haha :D

But im not going to be online this weekend.
You wanna know why ? CUZ IM IN ROME. HELL YEAH :D
With my boyfriend and his family.
I bet its gonna be great and Im gonna get many chances for taking some good pictures. I hope the weather will be ok :)

My schooltrip last week to Ghent (Belgium) was o.k. . Pretty city with many pubs and nice shops and beautiful architecture but im glad to be at home again.
I missed my boyfriend a lot :D

Huh. Im kinda busy with school atm. A lotta exams and work to do. And to crown it all : im one of the headgirls.

Hopefully I can find some time for drawing. Im so creative atm. But when it comes to drawing im just failing cuz the ideas are completely missing.
I dont know how to change that.:
Hopefully im gonna get some new cool ideas in Rome.

Have a nice weekend, guys !



:icontodayyoudie: is amazing.
:thumb98667188: :)




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Mh well. I miss my boyfriend a lot .
But yeah. I'll have him back tomorrow :D
Luckily - Lucky me (Y)

Nearly 5 months now.
We spent so much time together -
N I can honestly say that youre my first love :)

I've never ever loved anyone else that much before.

i cant even describe how much exactly :D

cant wait till tomorrow !


ps.: im finally going to be more active on dA :)
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the best online RPG ever ! *_______________*…

Its like sooo cool .
But german.

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hey guys.

im actually taken since 13-04-08 & im endlessly happy to be his .

i think im goin 2 draw again 2day .
wow .
awesome, righ ?
the inspirations missing tho.

x x x
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myspace :
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shes sooo damn cute.

take a look at my nu deviation : rat.massacre.

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